Monday, March 7, 2011


I’m excited to introduce to you all the March Giveaway.

First up, a cupcake simple design book (Over 200 pages of fun designs)

And lastly, a treat box, great for candy, cupcakes, cookies and more.

To Enter:

1.Follow my blog

2. Answer the following question: What inspires you to be creative?

The WINNER will be chosen on Sunday at random.




  1. Looking at all the submissions on foodgawker! And, my two baby nieces!

  2. aww how cuteee (:
    well, what inspires me to be creative, is the chance to show the world a peek into my creative mind.
    "creativity" can be shown in anything!
    food, drawings, writing, dance, hair styles.. literally, anything.
    its a way to show the world a bit of you, and honestly, its just funnn ! haha

  3. my job inspires me to be creative, as well as my boyfriend. i have two of the most talented bosses ever (and in the cake industry!) so this book will maybe help me step up to the plate ;) also, my boyfriend is an artist so i'm always trying to get on his level as well creatively.

  4. I am creative in different ways and are inspired by the look of the peoples faces when they received a pretty handmade item or matter how big or small it is!

  5. I found you from and I'm not following you via google reader.

    I find inspiration in everyday things, colors, & items. I'm also a quote junkie. :-)

  6. Ahhhhhhhhh!! Such an awesome giveaway, thank you for hosting it ;) Pick me please pick me!!! I love to bake cupcakes and this book truly a dream come true! I am a follower of yours and I find my creativity in my son ;) Ive always loved art and just creating pretty things and now with my miguelito even more ;)

  7. Music and walking around the city (Boston is where I live) inspire me to be creative :)

  8. Honestly, my personal life experiences inspire me to be creative. Memories from my childhood and friendships often inspire my fashion choices and the sewing designs I create. xoxo

  9. your blog is so sweet-
    i love all of the imagery **

    love amy ^.^

  10. ahhh i love cupcakes, and those are so cute!

  11. What inspires me to be creative?
    Lovely people that surround me, the environment that I'm in, good music :]