Thursday, December 9, 2010

2011 New Years Resolutions

I would like to update my friends in BLOG LAND that my charity Eat Cupcakes Feed Dogs and Cats is going GREAT! I’m sharing all the name of the people who helped make this happen next week when it ends on 12/13/2010. Here are a few pictures of more cupcakes I’ve done, and I just like to say that it feels so good to make all of this. J

Check out the photoshoot I had for my cupcakes. Just a preview everyone! SNEAK PEAK!

For a couple days now I’ve been thinking of what I would like my New Years Resolutions to be in 2011 and I came up with a few:

2011 New Years Resolutions

  1. Watch less TV

  2. Bake more

  3. Come up with more and different

  4. Save money

  5. Create more

  6. BLog more

  7. Interview indie bakers

  8. Take one vacation

  9. Kiss my boyfriend goodnight every night

  10. Create a button for my blog
  11. Stop thinking lazy (lol)

  12. Re-decorate my apartment

  13. Have less TV dinners

  14. Name for my cupcakes business

  15. Take a baking class

  16. Get a Tattoo

  17. Run More
  18. Re-decorate my home office space
  19. Buy a Bicycle
  20. Walk around NYC

FYI: He is my Faviorate pastry Chef and sooo HOTT and Yummy! Lol

Peace & Love



  1. Can I poke that dough boy? lol

  2. I like Resolutions #2, #6 and #16! Way to go girl!

  3. everything looks so great! happy holidays x

  4. Great resolutions, Missy. You should enter to win our contest!

  5. they are some amazing looking cupcakes! girl did good :) xoxo avs