Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 1 of my new blog

On Saturday I had a life changing moment where I thought to myself, WHAT AM I DOING? Other then hating my job and watching TV? Nothing... So I bought a desk and I invaded my boyfriends Man Cave and put my craft desk in the room. Honestly, the best decision I have made, my boyfriend didn't mind, he actually likes my company*he is so sweet*.

I called this blog "through an Indie Lens" because I love vintage photography, toy cameras and Polaroids, so I will take you on my daily creative adventures. I hope you all enjoy it.
Here are a few things I love, indie photography, handmade things, different bloggers, ETSY , my dog Quinn, my BOYFRIEND (not a thing but I love him lol) and just enjoy being creative. I don't really write much but I will try my best, I just love photos and what they say by itself....

Happy Birthday QUINN!

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  1. Hey Missy! It's Claudia, I'm at work, miserable, and I just read your blog. It cheered my up to see you making moves. Go girl.