Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Old Jeans and Crossfit

Dear Old Skinny Jeans,

I am so happy I did not give up on you or myself. I once said “One day when I'm skinny again, I will be able to wear you again”. The way I kept that promise was not your typical way. I didn’t wake up one day and start working out… Nope! It stated back in June, my boyfriend’s brother Rob told me and my boyfriend, that he and his friends were partaking in an event call Tough Mudder. It sound like a lot of fun and I decided to participate in the event and join his team. But before paying for it, I waited about a month and did some research on it. I went to the website, I saw the course, I read some articles, and saw a few videos and came to the conclusion that it was Really Really Hard!

Tough Mudder:

12 Miles

32 Obstacles designed by the british special forces

And 1,000 Participants

At that point I realized that just running was not going to work and I needed to up my workout (especially if I’m the only girl among 7 men). Then I remembered my hair dresser Rebecca, talking about her style of workout called Crossfit and how much she loved it. I was interested when she first mentioned it months ago but didn't try it because well... let’s be real, I was lazy lol. But now that I had a purpose I gave it a try. I found one Crossfit gym a mile from my house and tried the free class. It was hard and I felt so out of shape but I signed up!!!! My main focus at the time was to train for the TM and not become deadweight for my team.


Four months now, hundreds of pull ups, power cleans and 10lbs later, I am still going strong and getting stronger! I didn't think I was going to be addicted to Crossfit and definitely didn't think I would be a part of a wonderful community and make friends along the way but I did.

Although I didn't completely forget the purpose of my training I did change my mentality about working out. I do it now because the same love Rebecca once expressed is the same way I feel about Crossfit and my box. Without the amazing support I know I wouldn't be typing this letter.

And now that I casually look at you and think of trying you on, “skinny” jeans in back of my closet, I no longer think, “when I’m skinny” I instead think, “now that I’m much more fit I will give you a try” because I’m no longer intimidate by you! As I try you on one leg at a time and button with no problem I just look at myself in the mirror, smile, and say this is what happens when I sweat and grant 4 days a week. 10 pounds off and I feel fit, healthy, happy and awesomeness just flowing all over! :-)


One kick ass Chick that never gave up.


*Thank you to all the coaches, my Crossfit friends and boyfriend and my family that support me and push me._*

Side note: I have 9lbs more to lose to get to my goal .


  1. So happy for you Missy! 9lbs got nothing on you!

  2. Cross fit is so hard! I'm into boxing, and all other sorts of exercise so I know what you mean.. having lost a few kgs, and now reaching a plateau, it can be down some days but will keep going!!!