Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Creators Block....

Hey Bloggers!

I miss you all! Even thought I've been traveling and working hard. I can't lie I've had Creators Block, its like writers block but for crafty people. Its awful!!!!!!! Believe me I Love bloggin' but with my job consuming my time its been hard to get away even in my head. But today on my walk to the bus station I felt it again! I saw inspiration all around me today and I felt it was time to write AGAIN!

Have any of you felt this way before? Or am I just crazy...lol

Here is the inspiration I saw:

Also check out the pictures I took while traveling to Orlando this past week. Its the MAGIC KINGDOM! I swear you go there and you just feel like a kid again. :-)

Its even better at night...



  1. I'm soooo jealous you where at Disney World! I've dragged my boyfriend to Disney Land in LA twice this year already! But we have yet the make the big journey to Orlando.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I'm really happy you stopped by!

  2. I get this all the time - so frustrating. I try to get my creative bug back by browsing Etsy and reading blogs