Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Cupcakes

Its time for Cupcake of the month.

This past weekend my mother had asked me if I could make her a cake. I agreed but I wanted to try something new so I came up with different combination of flavors. However the decoration was done by my sister and my best friend. Its SUPER PINK! You would think it’s for a baby shower but it wasn’t (lol) it was for a family party. At the end it taste wonderful.

Drunk Sweetheart

Strawberry and walnut cake

Candy strawberry with vodka

White Zinfandel Frosting

(Decorated by my sister and my best friend)


I like to also share this beautiful love story I saw on Friday. Check it out! So lovely, Real love it out there.

This past week I have working on adding tabs to my blog and I did it! Check it out! I hope you all enjoy it!

Peace = Love


Listing to: Marry me by Train.


  1. White Zinfandel in frosting??? Yes, please!

  2. Oh wow, how badly I want a cupcake with that frosting right now!!!

  3. That cake was delicious! I love the unusual concoction you came up with dear : )

  4. amazing blog:) what about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3

  5. The name of this cake is perfect. I think I'll need to try this one, and maybe throw an impromptu party as an excuse so I don't end up eating it all by myself.

  6. Thanks for visiting honey! I love to get new feedback. Your blog is adorable...hope you can stop by again soon. Have a great weekend! Kori xoxo

  7. hola! thanx for your coment on my blog! is a honor! i love your blog! is very nice!
    I follow you....follow me back please! see you guapa! besos :))

  8. Missy! I follow you but in my favourite google´s list because I do not see the button to follow in your blog!!
    I want to follow in blogger, because I like your blog very much, but do not know how to do!!!! help me!!!