Monday, September 6, 2010



Thanks for coming back to check out my blog! I have so much to share with you all.

On Aug 27, was my last half day Friday at work, so I took the time on a gorgeous day to walk around NYC. During my walk I pass by a couple of cute stores. One was AC Gears, they had so many cute and unique type of gadgets. This is definitely a great place to check out some cool Christmas gifts.

Another cute store was WHISK. That store was simply amazing, everything you need for your kitchen. I must warn you, it is not your typical Kitchen aid store, It Cooler than that it’s a place you can buy stuff to brighten up your kitchen. Please check out their website. As for me, I bought a pack of red and white paper straws for my new dessert party in Oct.
*I just want to add that this store is located inside an old church which they converted into a nightclub which is NOW a mall call the Limelight Market. (only in NYC LOL)*

On Aug 28th, I went to an AWESOME Indian wedding. Everything was just amazing and the cake was beautiful, from Carlos bakery also known as THE CAKE BOSS. And YES, we wore the traditional Indian outfits! It was such a cool experience. :-)

As you all know I went on vacation to Colorado. It was an amazing experience, a lovely place, so peaceful. The Rocky Mountains were like something I’ve never imagine, although it was very hard to breather the higher up the mountain we went. I think we were above 12,000ft up. We also visited the Celestial Tea factory, it smell so good. The vacation over all was really relaxing. Here’s are some pictures I took along with a cute souvenir I got myself.

It’s Time for the Contest!

I have a great giveaway for you all who love to scrap book! So here is the fabulous package that is being offered…

22 sheets of Dimensional Stickers of all the holidays throughout the year along with other fun one’s.

In order to enter, please tell me what is your Favorite holiday? I will announce the winner on Saturday Sept 11th. The comments are solely to share but the winner will be randomly selected. SEE YOU SATURDAY!

P.S: Look what I made for my friend today, who will be leaving to China on Wednesday. Yellow Cake with Mango icing. Yumm!


  1. wow looks like such fun!

    My favourite Holiday is Halloween!

  2. that wedding cake is so cool.

    my fave holiday is New Year's. There's always so much food and gifts (yes, we give gifts to my family on that day..haha)

  3. Beautiful photos, that wedding cake is amazing!

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, nothing better than being with my family in the fall

  4. oh man those cupcakes look tasty! I am so jelous of the fact that you went to a tea factory. I am in love with tea.

  5. OH I just love this prize :)

    My Favorite is christmas!!! I get all excited to see elf the movie at this time :)

    Fyi love how you looked for the indian wedding must of been so much fun :)

  6. wow - the tea factory would so be one of my favorite places!
    and I would LOVE to enter the contest. My favorite holiday for baking treats is Halloween because you can get so creative and fun with it. But I'm also a traditionalist in that I love Christmas with all its traditional cooking and foods :)

  7. Hi!! Thank you for finding me and going to cookie bake along! I am looking forward to going through your blog!!! If you don't mind, send me an email, so that I can send you a couple of things! Have a great day!

  8. Thanks for the blog comment, it was very sweet. I love your blog and these pics are fab, especially the cupcakes, yum!

    I would love to win something but I'll never end up using them so they should go to someone who will. But anyways, my favorite holiday is halloween!

  9. loved to see photos taken at the Indian wedding! fantastic experience!

    i don't really scrap book, but anywho, my fav holiday is Christmas! for obvious reasons =D


  10. that dress is beautiful. i love culturally inspired clothing. it's magical! Cool photos :)

  11. Gorgeous photos. I love those straws you got, and it just looks like a great time.