Monday, August 16, 2010

Desserts and drinks

The past week was really nice. On Thursday my co-worker and I took a cupcake class at Butter Lane in NYC . The class was about 2 hours; it was fun, hands on and learned a lot from the class especially how to keep clean while baking. Another blogger by the link name of Serious eats in the class and she shared the tips to cupcakes check it out here.

After trying to find an excuse to make desserts I decided to have a small desserts, drinks and game night at my place with a couple of my friends (15peeps). It was a good time because I made my homemade desserts and everyone had fun.


Chocolate on Chocolate delight

Vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting

Vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting (made with homemade Jam)

Marshmallow with white Chocolate toped with pop rocks

Coconut macaroons toped with Natella

And colorful bubble gum (from Economy Candy store in NYC)

It came out so cute... many of my friend were impressed.

Can you tell I’m going dessert crazy!

As I was reading my favorite bloggers a beautiful mess post a couple of days ago, she wanted us to take 4 simple goals for our daily life that will make our lives richer and happier on a daily basis. I decided to take part in the fun as many others did, here are my goals.

1. Before I go to bed,think of the positive things I did that day.

2. View at least one blog a day and leave a comment.

3. Write down my ideas/plans.

4. Kiss my boyfriend goodnight everynight.

By the way...Congrats to me I reached 300 views for my blog! yayaya!

One last thing! The Contest will be posted up in a few days. The prize is $100 worth of Scrap book stickers.


  1. a cupcake class! so much fun! i have no idea how to keep clean while baking/cooking, haha!

    oxx from

  2. yum!! i love cupcakes - my favorite is red velvet with cinnamon buttercream!


  3. Oh, those treats looks so delicious! Why was I not invited?! ;)

  4. Thank you for the sweet comment and for checking out my blog. I had no idea Betsey Johnson wasn't doing well. I do have to be honest though, some of her stuff lately looks really kiddy to me.. What do u think?

  5. Yummmyy xD
    you know how to make us hungry! :D

    Love your blog, dear :)

    Xoxo ♥
    Pinkie Anggia

  6. wow you are one good baker!! lol damn i wish i can cook !!

  7. i love cupcakes they're like the cutest dish ever

  8. oh my gosh the idea you held at your home sounds like such fun! If I ever move to NY you better invite me girl :P xx

  9. Your blog is fantastic! I have always wondered... how do they get the icing to look so PERFECT!? The icing is the best part for me!!
    The Beckerman Girls

  10. Wow cupcake classes would love to do this I would really enjoy the eating part xoxo

  11. number 2 seems to be going well since you viewed and left an comment on my blog :) good luck and those cakes look DELICIOUS!