Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pink, Peace, Love Flowers

Today was a good day because I had a great conversation with a friend about how I was not happy at my job. You see... I'm not doing what I love to do, which is to be creative, (i'm currently a 9-5 gal) sadly that job is what pays the bills right now but I need to stop thinking that my dream job will land on my feet so I decided to take a stand. After thinking about it for so long I decided to give myself 60-90 days to build my inventory and launch an ETSY.com store and after that maybe a collaborations. This is going to be my main focus after my parents wedding which is on July 17. After that wedding I might not leave my craft desk in order to just CREATE! lol


I would like to introduce my first creation, the Flower headband collection.

Its girly hippie.PRETTY AWESOME!

(Model: Linny (lil sis))

The flowers can be used for craft projects you might have. As for me I am using them for my parents wedding. I created table numbers for each table and glued the flower on the card. I will post a blog this week on a step by step way to make them.

The flower can also be used to pin on shirts, cute tops, bags or even heels.
As for me I will keep building them.

I can't wait to continue adding to my 2010 project!

If you have questions leave me a comment.

Peace = Love

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