Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amazing weekend

Hey ALL!

This past weekend was the wedding and it was such a stressful (only for me) yet beautiful and fun time (for everyone and me :-)). My parents enjoyed every minute of the party and I must say the whole experience paid off because I still continue to get complements about the wedding. My duties for the wedding were the following: Buy my parents wedding dress and suit, making the table numbers, place cards, dessert table (which no one took a picture of *sad*) and make the wedding schedule of how the whole day would be. It was a BIG task to finish but it got done.

You see... 26 years ago my parents were (and still are) in love so they got married in city hall with two other friends as there witness and a cake from Pathmark to celebrate amongst the 4. So for my mom a church wedding was a dream and now that my parents had a little more money to spend my father wanted to surprise my mom for her 50th birthday with her own dream wedding. With family, friends and me, we made it all happen with a DYI wedding with a budget of $6000. It was an amazing time but a lot of hard work. I have to THANK ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY for making this wedding much sweeter.

Here are the pictures of the wedding:

Table numbers: Made my me..

Table designed my me and mom.

Gift boxes- party city and the front part (G&N) done by me

The Dessert table- by Me, the other part that I have no pictures for were done by Lisa. (Really sucks that I have no pictures)

Wedding Suit- by Michael Kors (SALE PRICE)
Wedding Dress- By Davids Bridal (SALE PRICE)
Men Suit Rental -$55
Bridesmaids dresses- $40
Awesome DJ by DJ Diego (REALLY Recommend him)

Food all done by the family.
All Pictures were done by my good friend, LaoZart ( (the guy dancing with Lisa and Bride and winking lol)
MC and Matradee - My really good Friend Diego M.

Happiness, fun, and over all night= PRICELESS

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  1. awesome time! everything turned out good, even with the heat wave pounding on us!